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Let’s Code 🎵 | Computer Science Rap #1

Before we explore the fundamentals of programming We need to understand What is code? Who writes code? Why do we write code? Let’s get into this… What’s code? When you tell a computer to do what it do To reach a goal, that’s code What’s code? When you solve problems with stuff that you wrote […]

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A Guide to Digital Minimalism

– All right, guys, so this is a video that I’ve been putting off for way too long (laughs) because as mindful as I am about my media consumption, I’m a devout follower of the path of least resistance, and unless a problem becomes so big that I just can’t ignore it, I’m just gonna […]

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Google Maps – dashdash Integrations

The Google Maps API gives you access to the biggest database in the world for places and businesses. dashdash offers a Google Maps integration that allows you to perform multiple different tasks including getting information about places like restaurants, hotels, and businesses, geocoding, generating driving directions, obtaining elevation profiles, and more. To connect the Google […]

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