Buy a Computer. Right now.

Buy a Computer. Right now.

For today’s video,
I won’t be directly commenting on the recent
health related news because, A, I’m not
a medical professional and B, I don’t need
my video demonetized. Instead I’m gonna be
laser focused on you, the potential
electronics shopper. World events affecting
manufacturing capacity and logistics occur every day, and that’s why your
local computer store has a buffer of inventory rather than just keeping one of
every motherboard on the shelf. Nobody likes carrying
inventory because it ties up cash flow,
but it’s a necessary part of doing business
when your supplier isn’t right down the street. Now, so far these buffers, which exist at
every stage of the chain, be it raw materials,
components, and finished goods have mostly absorbed
the production capacity that’s been lost mostly in China
over the last few weeks, but the cracks
are starting to show. So here’s my argument. If you’re planning an upgrade, I would pull the trigger today rather than do it tomorrow. Let me explain why. This video is brought to you
by FreshBooks, the accounting software
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at ♪ Part of what’s made this year’s
production interruptions so impactful
is the terrible timing. The Chinese New Year Festival
is already a period of low productivity in China because most factories
shut down for about two weeks while their workers travel home
to enjoy some time off with their friends and families. Now, experienced product
managers will plan around this, building up some extra inventory
to compensate for it, but even for experienced people,
two weeks is a long time, and human error
or other small roadblocks can already lead
to fewer promotions around this time of year, while retailers conserve stock until the factories
can kick back up and start shipping
product again. Except that this year,
they didn’t kick back up and start shipping product. February 8th was supposed to be
the end of the festival but instead it marked the
16th day of the Wuhan quarantine and Hong Kong’s forced
quarantine policy for travelers from China. Now I’m recording this video
on February 25th, and according
to my conversations with industry sources
who preferred to stay off the record, as of last week, production capacity
at major manufacturers– so we’re talking like the Foxconns and Compals
of the world– had finally ramped up
to about 15 percent, with this week expected to be
closer to 30 or 40, which sounds like
pretty good news. But I still stand behind
the title of this video. Apple has already issued
an update a week ago citing global supply constraints
as part of the reason that they were
not expecting to hit their second quarter
revenue forecast, and from an unrelated
conversation with a major SSD manufacturer, I learned that all of their SSDs
are currently on allocation. Allocation means that customers
are welcome to place orders for however many units
they want, but current supply is not enough
to fulfill them all and the company is working
to strategically distribute what they have. Here’s the thing: The major players are
beginning to return to work, but there are a lot of other
moving parts in the machine that puts a shiny new iPhone
on your doorstep every year. Right now, the big factories
don’t have a supply issue, because much like a retailer, they buffer the supplies
that they need in order to produce products. But those familiar with the
concept of just-in-time delivery will know that they try to keep
as little on hand as possible under normal conditions. So the subcontractor factories
who turn raw materials like copper into
finished printed circuit boards for those major manufacturers, well, so far they haven’t been
able to ramp back up as fast and they might not
be able to apply the same amount
of pressure on regulators to get back up to full capacity. So we can make an educated guess
that if someone like Pegatron doesn’t have enough PCBs, their customers aren’t
going to be receiving enough completed graphics cards
anytime soon. The other issue is logistics. Chinese officials are apparently
smoothing out the process of clearing drivers and
dock workers to return to work and it is getting better, but a lot of
the transportation workers still haven’t returned to work or they’re in precincts where they’re not allowed
to travel to other regions. Now to protect my source, I won’t say what kind of product
I’m talking about, but I did hear an anecdote about a couple thousand finished
units of a large device sitting there ready to ship out with just two drivers
to move them out. So we could be
in a position where even if people are
at the factory working and building things, there could be no way
for us to get them. And while I’ve been focused
mostly on China so far, this is not just
a Chinese problem. Even with all
the outsourcing last year due to tariff concerns, a lot of what was outsourced
was sub assembly or final assembly
to Mexico, India, Vietnam, or what have you. But the thing is,
all the sub components still need to come out of China
for assembly, so it’s gonna hit everyone,
even if it’s indirectly. Where we really run into trouble is if it starts to affect others
directly as well. Samsung just closed
one of their phone factories in Korea last weekend due to a confirmed infection
of one of the workers there. Anon Tech has the most recent
hard numbers I could find, and as of the midpoint
of last year, South Korea,
including Samsung, who holds the lion’s share
of the market, was still producing about
70 percent of the world’s DRAM, so that’s the memory for your
PC, phone, and game console, and about half
of the world’s 3D NAND, so those are the storage chips
in your SSDs, your phones, and, yes, game consoles. Nothing has happened on
the game console front yet, but because of that last point, SSDs in particular could be
in a very vulnerable position. NAND was already expected
to jump this year after enjoying a period of
never-before-seen affordability, and there are multiple factors
that speculators could have expected
to contribute to this. Client devices have almost
entirely abandoned mechanical drives
except on the very low end, data centers are using
more SSDs than ever before to improve performance in
highly virtualized deployments or I/O intensive workloads, and both Sony and Microsoft
are going to be shipping their next generation
game consoles in holiday 2020 with SSDs
rather than hard drives for the first time. By the way, total aside, console gamers,
welcome to 2010. It’s awesome,
you’re gonna like it. Back on topic, though. The best case scenario
for all of this is that the candidate vaccine that’s scheduled to begin
human trials at the end of April will be fast and cheap
to manufacture and 100 percent
safe and effective, or even that
it won’t be necessary because hotter weather
will stop the spread, and maybe in a few years’ time, we’ll be looking back at this
as a disproportionate amount of media coverage over a particularly nasty strain
of the flu. But if it does not
play out like that, there’s no clear end in sight. This example of inventory
hoarding and price increases is actually not
from the tech industry but rather from speaking
with a buddy of mine who runs a local gym. Pricing for bulk purchases
of badminton shuttles or birdies of all things is skyrocketing right now, and that assumes that
you can even find any to buy. Even has been
affected, by the way. Many of our China sourced items
are out of stock. Now, back when
the Thailand floods knocked out an estimated 30 percent
of the hard drive industry’s manufacturing capacity in 2011, I actually still remember the
same kind of hoarding behavior that I saw from my buddy
at the badminton facility who’s just buying
every shuttle he can find. I remember getting this memo from the president
of the company telling everyone
to go and buy– like literally,
go get in their cars and buy as many cheap
external hard drives, which sometimes trail
the bare drives in terms of pricing
fluctuations, as we were allowed to
from local big-box stores so that we could strip
the enclosures off of them and then sell them
in our systems or to bare drive customers. Like, if it stretches on
for too long, guys, even the used market
will be affected. When the pricing
of brand new hard drives went up 50 percent
from the manufacturer, retailers added
an additional markup because they couldn’t get
enough supply, and the thing is, the pricing of used hardware
tends to follow the trend set by new hardware, minus some expected discount for the uncertainty
of not having a warranty. So in summary,
if you’re waiting for some new
or upcoming product like Intel’s
10th Gen desktop chips or NVIDIA’s upcoming
3000 series GPUs, there is nothing
that you can do for now other than hope that they
don’t get delayed too much. But if you were holding off
on pulling the trigger on something that’s
already available today, I would do it today
rather than tomorrow. I’m not here
to debate the measures that are being put in place or the validity
of the ongoing health concerns. I’m just here
to point at the events that arise from these concerns and how they could affect
tech enthusiasts. If you’re looking
for a recommendation for a good system,
by the way, you can check out
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from our usual style, but hey, leave a comment, let me know what you think,
all right?

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