Bitwarden on Docker

Hi everyone!
Here is look on Bitwarden Bitwarden is
Open Source Password Management Solutions On this video I deploy bitwarden on Docker Single user can use this software freely
and there features for organization on pay version
like sharing password to multiple users Next open powershell with admin rights Copy bitwarden git repo with Invoke-RestMethod – command Notices don’t copy contents to WIndowsSystem32
Instead run command on c:temp – folder Bitwarden got powershell script to set up
docker containers Script contents multiple functions like install and start Let’s set up bitwarden containers with script Run .bitwarden.ps1 -install command Oh! Default Execution policy disbale to run this script This can be avoid two way by:
signing script or changing execution policy Signing required certificate,
So simpler is to change temporarily execution policy Set exection policy to unrestricted Then rerun bitwarden script
.bitwarden.ps1 -install Script ask a few details Like domain name for bitwarden host Use Let’s Encrypt certificate if bitwarden is reachable from internet Script will generate self signed certificate later Yes my docker is on default settings…. Bitwarden required shared storage Open Docker settings Set cross on some hard drive letter Okey, then installation can be continue Installation required Installation id and key
both you get from Next will be those certificates own or generated Then start Bitwarden with:
.bitwarden.ps1 -start Container required firewall port open Last check that container are
running Then open browser to nagivate to bitwarden But first set back that Powershell exection policy Then create first account on bitwarden Set proper master password Then login to system Organization feature required pay license Save password is simple Let’s check some features of bitwarden Thnaks for watching!
See you soon!

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