Big Show vs. Shaq at WrestleMania?!: If It’s on the Internet

100 thoughts on “Big Show vs. Shaq at WrestleMania?!: If It’s on the Internet

  1. المسلم الي بشوف تعليقي يصلي على النبي ويوحد الله عسا ان تنفعه يوم الحساب

  2. The last rumor sounds like Brock Lesnar because he does get to be WWE Champion and main event Wrestlemania!

  3. Thank god this didn't happen, I'm tired of the company bringing in people who can't even wrestle. Kinda like Gronkowski for example.

  4. I always thought Show really was trying to get into boxing & he only came back because he couldn’t get a match

  5. 🖐🏻!!!!!!!
    Been a fan of The Big Show since his debut! Also "The Waterboy" Captain Insano!

    Keep being Awesome, Sir!

  6. Brock Lesnar needs to do this!
    He needs to address if Kane armwrestled him.

    Mark Henry and The Big Show said that Kane's too humble. So, I don't trust Mr.Mayor Glenn Jacobs when he laughs that rumor off.

  7. i miss mark henry, all them giant people in WWE were great. sadly, most of them were almost like a jobbers :p

  8. Big Show: At that time I was very naive didnt want to lie to anyone
    Pro wrestling cured that
    Me: Its all a lie😥😥😥

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