Best Screen Recording Software for YouTube (Computers & Phones)

100 thoughts on “Best Screen Recording Software for YouTube (Computers & Phones)

  1. My phone has a screen recorder that can record up to 4 k but my phone is only 720 p big pathetic well the phone is fast

  2. Camtasia is a good editing tool but the screen recording "custom" capture mode is a nightmare, It's either you record your full screen, or you risk missing parts of your screen. everything else is acceptable. But the screen recording feature which allows you to outline the part of your screen you wish to capture is just not even worth it.

  3. Do you have any screen recorder that if u record ur gameplay you can actually send them to your phone writhing the file being damaged i used fraps but its no help

  4. I tried to like obs but its just SOOOOOO laggy can you help me also I dont have du recorder or camtastia on my play store…

  5. Hey Nick,so I made a YouTube purchase and I want to screen record it but every time I try and stop the recording,it says failed to record.I have plenty of storage so it’s not because of storage.I know you can’t screen record Netflix or Hulu and I don’t have either of those.I just need to know how to screen record sections of my purchased YouTube video

  6. You should do a video on how to record on an Acer Chromebook! Im having so much trouble recording my games, it always glitches.

  7. Nick in Camtasia, can you see yourself while recording your video at the same time?…. basically so you have a floating head that can be seen during recording in case you need to move yourself somewhere on the screen?

  8. Can you make the best screen recorder for gaming i would love to see the gaming recorders because i need one by the way like your videos

  9. which screen recording is perfect for censoring curse words please. want to Beep F bombs for a project management course. Thanks for all the info ! Preferably software for windows on an hp laptop

  10. OBS is crap at recording AND streaming. I don't recommend it.. Whenever I move my camera around in Minecraft, Roblox, ect. It just turns pixelated. Don't get it.

  11. I have been using az screen recorder but it picks up background sound all the time
    Do you know any ones that don't do that for android

  12. Bro I love the app streamlabs, its because of you I found it. I'm looking for an app where I can interview ppl, like podcast style and split screen. I'm trying to start my video podcast but I need the right app smh.

  13. U had a long time ago toutourial of how to add a photo and make it a background display like ur desktop

  14. Nick I want to be able to record gaming apps along with narrating and post on YouTube, what's good to use?

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