100 thoughts on “Bendy – Instruments of Cyanide – DAGames Cover – Man on the Internet

  1. Didn't expect this but it's a happy one
    Big fan for of you and dagames
    Now we need you and dagames to collaborate to make an amazing song

  2. I loved this song and would listen to it a lot when it came out. Then my cat died and I never listened to it again. Until now

  3. One: Bendy's voice is AWESOME!!
    Two: "Live or you will die" Yeah…that's…that's kind of how it works…I mean…ya can't be both soo…

  4. Nothing like a good old cover from Man on the Internet
    Alice sounded EXACTLY like the original. very impressive like normal.

  5. It was a great cover! However, if I may critique? I feel like the mixing could have been a little bit cleaner. I mean, you will know more about audio mixing than I do, you and your team do this all the time, but I felt like some parts were a little too loud at times. Like, at the chorus, I felt like bottom parts (the harmony parts) were a little too loud. Yes, I was taught to always bring bottom parts out (what I was told in high school band), which IS important, but the melody should still be heard over it. I also felt the instrumental could have been mixed better with the vocals. Like, also in the chorus, the instrumental could have been brought out because everyone is singing in that part. Or, it's probably just me, because I'm like that. Well, I've given my critique. You'll probably disregard this. I mean, I know you're not going to remake it. If you do see it, it'll probably be another Megalovania moment, and you'll be like "shut up" but whatever. As I said, you know more about audio mixing than I do. Still, awesome cover!

  6. I dont really like bendy and the ink machine but this is still good, i still think you should make a hollow knight song with lyrics

  7. Hey, I dunno if you accept requests or anything, but I was thinking you could do a few songs based on Spyro the Dragon levels? Like Zephyr, Cloud Temples, Beast Makers, etc :3
    I only know of one lyrical Spyro song by JT music, but I’d love a song that isn’t rap, you know? ☺️

  8. I was gonna do a alice angel cosplay and in the middle of my face painting my dad came home.
    So I came to my room and saw this masterpiece

  9. Amazing interpretation in DAGames' Instruments of Cyanide. The lyrics are far better understood in this version. The instrumentals is an interesting interpretation of the instrumentals in the original. Despite all that, I like the original. DAGames' crew's voices fit the theme of the theme of the dreaded despair of the song better, and the way they sing the song does show they're dreading every second throughout the song. And the heavy metal and rock mix in the song just fits the theme the artist intended. I could definitely see you guys singing and using your instrumental skills on your version of Brinstar Depths, the one staring Dark Samus if no one knows what I'm talking about. I still could tell you guys worked hard on your interpretation on DAGames' Instruments of Cyanide, which originally drawn me to this video. "Man on the Internet is making their own version of a song from one of my favorite artists? I gotta see what it's made of" I though to myself as I read the title and title card in my notifications. And overall you've impressed me with your variation. As a song by itself, I give it 5/5 Stars, but as an adaptation of DAGames' Instrument of Cyanide I give it a 4/5 stars, for the reasons I gave above. It doesn't mean the song is bad or anything, I just preferred the original if it came to between your rendition to the original.

  10. Hey MOTI, I know you're fed up with the constant requests for musicals, but can you make Shovel Knight: the Musical? It legitimately has a great soundtrack unlike most requests for musicals, where the reccomender just likes the game.

  11. Id the art style more if it showed bendy looking like the his actual form not saying it isn't good it's just what i was originally expecting

  12. "We bow before a fake for goodness sakes!!" Bendy, are you forgetting who killed their own disciple? And his projector head minion? And his Huey, Dewey, and Louie minions?

    やってくれた! この曲めっちゃ好きだけどカバーがぜんぜんなかったんだよ!しかも知ってる人じゃん!マジで神!

  14. I know you’re probably busy, but do you think you could maybe do a cover of “Mr. L , Green Thunder” from Super Paper Mario? The mysterious Mr. L is one of my favorite characters in game history. Too bad we never found out who he was. Love your videos by the way

  15. i expected striker (Edgar) to be where projectionest was, since they have actually been punished, not destroyed, and has a connection with the story instead of bendy reking projectionest in chapter 4.
    Edit: actually, Sammy Lawrence.

  16. hey can you do lyrics for Antasma's theme, in Mario and Luigi Dream Team?
    it'd be great if you did it, that's my favorite theme from the Dream Team game

  17. I flipping love instruments of cyanide
    And really enjoy this cover
    Not as good as the original
    But nothing can beat that
    Great job

  18. It’s always amazing ^^ great job everyone on this song. My replay button will be broken if I continue to click on it XD

  19. I can hear a little of will in the background
    That or it’s one of those thing where you can hear something that’s not there

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