Battlefield 1, tips for increasing performance on a low end computer

Battlefield 1, tips for increasing performance on a low end computer

The Great War is on but your computer is just
a tad too old for the task. All right. While this is still a very new release I wanted
to share some of the tweaks possible on this game so you can get started on blowing stuff
even though you are under the minimum requirements. This is the LowSpecGamer, where minimum settings
on menu are to be ignored and commenters will complain that a 460 is a top of the line GPU. So forget about visual clarity and directx
11 effects because we are making this game run We are going to start with a resolution of
720, more about resolution options in a second, motion blur to the minimum, depth of field
off, resolution scale to 60% and all quality options to their lowest possible. As you can imagine this does not do very well,
at all, ever… so, what else is there for us to do? Before we continue I must warn you. In my experience Battlefield 1 is a very CPU
intensive game so make sure all background applications are closed, that the priority
of the game is on high, that your antivirus is on gaming mode if it has one and still
with all that I am not sure I would recommend the game unless your are confident on your
CPU or comfortable with overclocking. OK The first thing that we are going to do is
to open the configuration file for the game located in Documents, Battlefield 1, settings
and the file is called Profsave_profile which you can open with notepad or notepad++. In the bottom of the file the GstRender commands
control graphical quality and even with everything to the lowest there are a couple of extra
things to keep an eye out. I have noticed a measurable small increase
in stability by dropping ShaderQuality and ShadowQuality to 0 and even tough the game
has a minimum resolution of 1025×768 you can force lower resolutions by changing the height
and width commands over here. You may want to hold off that because you
also have a resolution scaler. Scaling internal resolution allows you to
change the resolution and detail of the game while retaining a readable UI. In the settings screen the lowest possible
scale es 25% percent, but you can also control it via this line in the file where 1 is full
resolution, 0.5 is 50% and yes if you are feeling adventurous you can go under the 25%
limit. Wow. Now in order to tweak further we need to experiment
with console commands. You can open the game’s console with the
tilde key in the upper left corner of the keyboard but putting commands there is only
temporary. If you want commands to be run every time
you have two options. The first is to create a file where the game
is installed. By default this is Program Files, Origin Games,
Battlefield 1 and you need to create an user.cfg file here. Remember to enable viewing file extensions
in your folder options so you can name the file correctly. Not a txt file a cfg file. In the description your will find a copy of
the commands I use. The first one being a FPS meter that you can
also use to know if the file has been read correctly. These two disable some extra dx11 effects. These 3 are commands that will make better use
of the CPU and you must change this 4 to the number of cores in your CPU, these will disable
some effects that where still on even when everything is on low. If you want to play on windowed these two
commands can be used to control the size of the window. And everything down here is just to ensure
everything else on the command list that can be disabled is disabled. One little problem tough, on certain computers
the game will disable the user.cfg when entering multiplayer mode. You will notice this if the FPS meter disappears
when you enter a multiplayer map. There is a way to get commands to load in
that case. In the description you will find the same
commands as launch parameters that you can add in the properties, advanced launch options
of the game in Origin. Uff, that is a lot of instructions. Let’s see how it goes. C’mon man, I just want to help you guys
in the tank. Let me get in, let me get in. Yeah! Woo! Right on time, right on cue. Alright, time to be a motherfucking tank. Literally. Give me something to shoot at. And… we are dead. Thank you very much. Where, where, where are they coming from? Plane. Yeah because that’s gonna do shit. Woah, shit! Oh, I got him, I got him! Yes! Ah, get in here. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon. He’s not dead! He’s not…dead. Seriously, I’m not going to rest until I
bayonet someone. It can’t be World War I without bayoneting
people- Wow! Jesus Christ, this is a mess! Let’s ride the tank, boys! So, that’s one way of using a tank, that’s
ok. Everyone, behind the tank! Get him, get him, get him! Oh, fuck! Woah, woah! This is insane! Wow… Next deploy, the dreadnought killed me? What the hell is that dreadnought? Is that a ship? Under fire, oh fuck. I need to help my people, oh, someone’s
taking “A”, alright let’s go over that! Let’s take “A”. Let’s fuck ‘em up! This is fantastic! I’m having a really good time. That’s definitely a dreadnought, they were
not joking about that. Fucking hell. Oh, we’re being fired, we’re being fired
all over the place. Oh, boy. Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah,
Woah, Ground, ground, ground! I’m alive. Barely. I’m no longer alive. Shit, retreat, retreat! Jesus fucking Christ! Woah! That guy just got blown into pieces right
in front of my eyes. Woah! They weren’t kidding with the dreadnought
thing. Boy, this is- ok so next point. Ah- fuck! YEAH! Ok, I died. HAHAHAHAHA. That’s fantastic! I freaking died from the mustard gas while
trying to bayonet someone. That’s a definition of World War fantasy
for you. Woah! Fucking hell! Oh, the bloody- the Dreadnought moves. Ok, point taken, the Dreadnought moves. Thank you very much doctor! That probably wasn’t supposed to happen
but it happened, alright. I wonder how are the horses. Is it something that I can use? This is 100% something that I can use. I don’t know how to play like a horse. Oh, that’s a sniper. Take it, take it, take it. Yeah! Eat my fucking horse. He is terrible at cutting people. Take it, take it, ah fuck, no…. Yeah, I see the machine gun, I see the machine
gun, don’t worry, I got it. We got this point, boys. Let’s not lose it again. Oh god, we’re getting blown into pieces. Like this is very hard to maintain position. “We are winning” We are? O…k… yep. I guess that’s how it is… YEAH! We actually won! Fantastic. That is all for this video. Remember that if you want to check out the
exclusive behind the scene Vlogs of what is going on in the channel you can donate just
one dollar in Patreon. Look all these cool people already doing that! See you on the next video.

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1, tips for increasing performance on a low end computer

  1. do you know how to start far cry 5? cant run it because minimum requirements doesnt met. im just below the requirements and i dont mind playing in the lowest setting I just wanna play the game and indulge the story. bought a cd from a friend second hand and I dont it to get stucked

  2. Personally, I'd rather play an older game at a decent res with the visual design/textures etc. intact with smooth,responsive controls than a newer game that relies so much on shaders/textures etc. for its look visually gutted, so it looks like a blurry mess, and still stutters and chugs along, not to mention all the config/process tweaks necessary, but that's me.

  3. I don't know why i get stutters and fps droping still this is my rig:
    Invidia Gtx 635
    Intel Core i5-3230m
    Ram 4.00 GB
    64bit windows 7

  4. I spent 5 bucks on it without seeing if my pc could run this game.
    it was on sale ! and the premium pass was free :/ I had to buy it
    let's see if it's possible to run it on GT740 and Q9550.
    wish me a good luck guys. i neeed it.

  5. bought BF1 "runs like sh*t I gotta do something" applied LowSpecGamer's cfg hacks "still runs like s*it! What's going on?! what hardware was he running it on?!" check description – LowSpecGamer has: better CPU, more RAM, better GPU "how is that even low spec?!"

    Now, @LowSpecGamer could you make pt.2 for this where you run it on like, I don't know, some Intel Atom or something? 😀

  6. After tweaking, i got around 1-9fps 🙁
    My specs:
    Graphics:Amd radeon r7 7500
    Ram:16gb DDR3
    CPU:AMD FX-7500 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G

    If there are no can search up the laptop, its called the lenovo z50(not nvidia one)
    Thank you

  7. Thanks LowSpecGamer, your suggestion and commands gave me a healthy 20-25% boost at the same settings. Apperciate your work.

  8. How much does Ram matter? Im at 4gb and i can't get CLOSE to running it, and i have a 1050 gtx and amd phenom ii x4 945, I know my CPU isnt very good, but it can run arma 3 pretty well, and I know that games is pretty intensive.

  9. I've x2 4gb ram ddr4 2400mhz. But still i can't play battlefield 1. It keep freezes after 2 seconds with the lowest setting. And i don't have any graphics card. Any solution?

  10. How can I play this game if my computer specs: 8gb ram, intel celeron n4000, no graphic card.

  11. try this guys in the commands box RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 3 i went from 24-26FPS on battery to 31-33FPS and this is on battery!

  12. will this game work for me with my pc stats?
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8130U CPU @ 2.20GHz (1200 MHz)
    8 GB ram
    and an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 graphics card?

  13. and with a 2008 AMD Sempron 3200+ onboard video graphics,2GB Ram,is it possible.?

  14. Someone shoud re build this game maps using Open Arena and GTK Radiant creating maps,and making new Skins

  15. get a program called bitsum its SOOOO good its not some stupid razor cortex that does nothing.. nononono this one balanced gpu and cpu. I legit got +10 fps i cant promise for you but its gooood. it does have an annoying message asking you to buy it at the beginning but its like winrar its free-ish

  16. คอมพิวเตอร์ของฉัน
    I3 2120 3.3 กิกะเฮิร์ตซ์
    GTX 750 oc 1GB
    หน่วยความจำ 8 GB
    สามารถเล่น ??? FPS ??

  17. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3120M CPU @ 2.50GHz

    Video Card AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series

    RAM 16 GB

    Operating System Windows 10

    i know date but im asking for fps. How much ?

  18. if anyone saw my previous comment (i coudnt find it in the sea of other comments) it lagged bc i forgot to set the priority in task manager

  19. Thanks for the video i won't do anything with any cfg file i just wanted to now if the resolution scaling thing is still in bf 1 cuz this setting helped me run bf 4 on 1366×720(i am using a laptop) with 50+ fps so thanks

  20. Lowspecgamer i have a gaming pc now, but in the past i had a crappy one, for all of these years you have helped me, Thank you.

  21. Man eres el mejor, me encanta que te preocupes por otras comunidades, por ejemplo la hispanohablante, ese amor de colocar sub títulos en varios idiomas, la verdad ayudas mucho bro sigue así <3

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