Barnard College Campus Tour: Episode 2

Hello and welcome to Barnard College. I’m Athena Abadilla, class of 2020 originally from Hawaii and I study religion and education studies here at the college and I’ll be your tour guide for today.
Let’s go. Welcome to Sulzberger lobby- one of the
main entrances to the quad here we’re going to talk about residential life and
housing. As you come in as a first- year you will be paired into a room with your
roommate of either a double, a triple, or a quad, and how that works is you’re given
a random housing survey and with that housing matching survey they ask you
questions like, “Are you an early riser?,” ‘”Are you a late night owl?,” “Do you like your space to be a social space or do you want to be a quiet?” They ask you so
many questions thinking about your living preferences and whatnot and then
pair you with a roommate. You can also either mutually request a roommate if
you know someone’s coming in as a first-year student as well. This is
corridor style housing so what that means is you share the bathroom with the
people on your floor in your hall and each single floor has an RA- a resident
assistant. These RAs are specifically trained for first-year focus students and it happens to be kind of like an extended orientation program. After your first year you’re able to be entered into the housing lottery program
and with that housing lottery you’ll be assigned a random number and within the random number within the list that you follow, of course seniors get preference,
juniors, and then sophomores, you pick your housing. So there are many housing
options both on quad and off quad. Barnard owns a couple of apartment
buildings across the street on 116th Street, behind on Claremont, and a few further from campus about a 15-minute walk or so from campus and guaranteed
housing is guaranteed all four years you’re here at Barnard. So you’ll never
have to find an apartment that fits for your college experience if you live here.
About 98% of our first- years live within Barnard housing and then beyond that about 90 percent of all students live within Barnard housing. After your first year
you can either go into hall style living, corridor style living, as in your first year, or you can try suite-style living which is a suite of
about six or so Barnard friends where you share the bathroom, kitchen,
amenities and whatnot kind of like your own little apartment. For example, my
first year I was in a triple and then after that one of my roommates and a
couple of my hallmates, picked into a suite in Plimpton, which is on 120th and Amsterdam, to do our sophomore year housing. And then now, I’m an RA so I currently
work as a resident assistant. We do amazing programs based
on health and wellness, social justice and inclusion, life learning, and
community engagement, so you’ll have so much fun within the residence halls.
So now, just a little bit of basic facts of living here in the quad. First, the
lounge area as this one is will be on every single floor equipped with a
kitchen where you can cook your food and study space and a TV space as well. We
also have dining right below in Hewitt Dining Hall accessible through
Barnard Hall, one of our main options on campus. We have two main dining halls on Barnard’s campus and three at Columbia that we can swipe into and so much yummy
food and so much yummy choices. Check out the meal plan options online and then in addition every single floor in the quad for first- years has a laundry
room, which is free laundry. Just recently our Student Government Association
worked really hard with our various departments to get that free laundry for
us, so that’s a plus as well, and then down below we have computer labs in the
basement and consistent through every single residence hall we have all of
these various amenities for living here at Barnard. Here we will be talking about public safety. So public safety begins in the residence
halls. Our resident assistants are equipped with all the emergency phone
numbers so they’ll be your first point of contact in any emergency medical or
emergency situation. Then we have the desk attendants. The desk attendants are at every single residence hall 24/7 and you’ll be able to enter flashing your
Barnard ID. In addition, you can sign in guests and with the guests they leave
their ID at the desk to sign in and then take it upon signing out and leaving,
just so we know who’s in our residence hall. And then in addition, we have
public safety 24/7 at the main gates. We also have a public safety shuttle that
runs throughout the night, throughout the different residence halls and different
hot spots on campus so that if you’re out late at night in various locations
they can be able to pick you up and bring you right back to your residence
hall safe and sound. Also Columbia University as a whole and the campus
within Harlem is a safe and secure location we have various connections with Columbia public safety as well as Columbia emergency medical services that can bring you straight to Saint Luke’s
Hospital, that’s right across the way so you’ll never have to worry. It’s almost
as if it’s a college town here. A fun fact that keeps you safe -every single Barnard student during orientation program is given Barnard Public
Safety’s number so they’re encouraged to call whenever they feel the need to. In
addition our director of Public Safety currently has been working so amazingly
to make sure that every single students’ voices are heard in terms of safety and
what fesl safe to them on campus. Thanks so much for joining me on my tour today.
I hope you learned something, hope you had fun, and hope to see you on campus soon.
Bye for now.

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