9 Ways to GROW Your Audience, Business, and Influence FASTER 2020!

9 Ways to GROW Your Audience, Business, and Influence FASTER 2020!

welcome back entrepreneur I am Andrea
Jean and I teach you how to turn your passions into profits today I’m going to
be teaching you my nine best ways to grow your audience business and
influence faster in fact in the description box I have two playlists
that are dedicated to growing on YouTube and Instagram to help you build your
million-dollar business make sure you stay until the end for my
ninth tip because this is the tip that is really expedited my growth I have two
YouTube channels I have a YouTube channel I started just over a year ago
it’s Andrea Jean cling and I have this one here that I started in just January
so it’s about well not even three months old here and on Instagram but make sure
you stay tuned for that because people aren’t actually talking about this thing
okay first and foremost I’ve talked about this before but this is so key
this is so imperative and that’s why I want you to make sure that you watch the
videos in my playlist but that is you have to understand how the algorithms
actually work and I’m going to refer to YouTube and Instagram you have to play
to the algorithms if you want to be good at any sport you have to understand how
they work you can’t just go and put content up and just hope to god that it
like hooks this is what I did for about 6 months when I started my Android gene
cleaning channel and I was so completely frustrated I would put all this time
into editing my video I thought this is a great video like who would love this
video but I didn’t understand how the algorithm works if you want to succeed
on any sort of platform you have to know how to play the game but make sure you
check out those videos because I do a deep dive into the YouTube and Instagram
algorithms number 2 not a lot of people are talking about this one as well but
topic matters if you are doing it content around a topic that not a lot of
people are searching for your audience and your business and your influence is
going to be reflected in that but if you are doing content related to things that
are very highly searched your audience is going to grow much faster and I know
this seems counterintuitive you think well then it’s super competitive yes it
is super competitive but we will get that to get to that here in a second but
it’s important that you if you want to grow a bigger audience and you want to
grow faster you have to ride things that people actually want my cleaning and
organizing channel is soo competitive I mean there are ladies in
those niches that have millions of views on those videos but people are searching
for it and when I was doing a ton of different videos my cleaning and
organizing ones got the most traction so you have to find topics that people
actually want to know about and that you enjoy because that’s really important
too if you hate cleaning and organizing or whatever it is that you’re seeing a
lot of traction on your youtube channel or on your Instagram it’s not going to
be sustainable for you so you’ve got to find things that you like and people are
actually searching for content related to building baths
well doing well on YouTube growing your audience on Instagram getting
subscribers getting followers those are all things that tend to do relatively
well on the platforms but if those are not things that you enjoy talking about
you don’t have a business related to those things then don’t do them but
understand that the topic that you’re talking about really matters how quickly
and how large of an audience that you can grow number 3 advertising on all
different platforms this could be paid advertising or non paid advertising I
don’t do any paid advertising now there are people and especially as you get
bigger and you grow your following a lot of times big influencers will start
paying for promotions on Instagram you’ve probably seen this yourself
especially if there’s a course launch or something related to the products that
they’re creating but you could do advertising for free on Facebook or paid
advertising you can do advertising on Pinterest or free as well and Instagram
are some excellent ways to get your brand and your business out there and I
know this is like the biggest pain point of anyone building a business we can
teach people how to set up a business we can do all the things we can take all
the courses but actually growing the audience that’s going to buy your
products is the hardest part growing an audience is one of the biggest pain
points and this is where I think there’s a gap in a lot of the courses that you
may see online or a lot of things that creators actually talk about they’ll
talk about how to build a product they’ll talk about how to set up a
website how to create an Instagram profile you’re building the structures
right but actually getting people to engage in your content and follow you
and subscribe to you and purchase whatever it is that you created that is
the hardest part this is why companies pay thousands if not
millions of dollars to get their product in the eyes of other people so these
strategies that I’m talking about here are so imperative to your growth you can
set it all up but if you cannot get people to know who you are that’s a
problem number four collaborations I used to do a ton of these on my cleaning
and organizing Channel when I had started out and it did bring traction to
my channel at this point time it’s just on a priority to me I don’t feel like I
have the time to dedicate to them but they actually work I want to talk a
little bit about masterminds as it pertains to collaborations have you
heard of masterminds let me know in the comments section below but essentially
what it is it’s a group of people who are relatively successful generally
speaking they pay a lot of money and they help essentially promote each other
and work with each other and bounce ideas off each other so oftentimes this
is why the bigger you get the easier it is to grow because you’re working with
other influential people and you were cross promoting on each other’s
platforms this is really what a masterminds about you paid a lot of
money so that you can grow your audience there’s more to it than that but in a
nutshell yes so collaborations on a smaller scale can
work like this but you don’t have to pay all that money to grow your audience
your influence and your business so how do you go about doing collaborations
Iota find people that are in the same or similar niche as you and the quality is
somewhat similar a lot of times it has nothing to do with the amount of
subscribers that somebody has what’s even more important is the engagement of
those subscribers you can have somebody that has twenty thousand subscribers but
the content section is pretty empty their audience isn’t necessarily engaged
you want engaged why because this is going to help you grow your business and
your own audience faster you need people that are active so find the creators
that you would be interested in collaborative and when you are proposing
a collaborations never ever I repeat never ever talk about hey let’s grow
each other’s audiences let’s do this you always want to come from the standpoint
of how I can help you do you get what I’m saying here if you are going to your
spouse or your loved one and you’re like we’re just going to pay off
our debt isn’t this exciting your person is probably gonna be like that sounds
like no fun but if you’re like hey look what we could obtain look what we could
achieve by doing this this is how I could help you you always want to
essentially highlight how it could be beneficial to the other person you need
to get their buy-in this is how any sort of business transaction works so
collaborations can definitely help expedite your growth in fact if you were
to watch videos of very successful youtubers a lot of times they will tell
you this exact thing it was who they know and who they collaborated with this
is just how essentially any business works to when you are wanting to get
promoted it’s who you know number five hitting those trends let me
give you an example of a youtuber who has talked about this as Aaron on demand
I really appreciate who she is but she grew very quickly for a variety of
reasons she had a background in being on camera and being on video she doesn’t
deny that and I appreciate her honesty around that she doesn’t just pop on here
and like hey guys I’m just so good this is why I grew but she really lays it out
for you but she did talk about how she created a vision board and she hid it
right before the trend set before the bigger youtubers started putting out
their vision boards for each particular year and so she got a little bit ahead
of the trend and she grew very quickly so how do you find trends for your
particular nation a lot of times you can go into YouTube and if you go in the
search section on the left-hand side there will be a heading that says
trending and I look through these trends probably several times per week just to
see if there’s anything that’s related to what I do that I could potentially
create content around there hasn’t been anything because it’s a little tricky
when it comes to business and cleaning related things but that is something to
pay attention to also in a change of seasons pay attention to what’s popular
you know if it’s springtime or summertime or Easter look for videos
related to the changing of the seasons or the times that you could potentially
create content around and get just a little bit ahead of the big big channels
that already have a big following number six this is something else that not a
lot of people talked about it this video should be all the things that nobody
talks about in growing an audience so you get all the generic stuff all the
time but I’m diving in with you but that is you need
to find out where your audience your potential audience hangs out who in your
space are people following where do they go what are they what kind of type of
content are they consuming weird what kind of videos are they watching you
need to know where they’re hanging out and a one way to do this pretty easily
is on Instagram so you want to find people that are in a similar space as
you are and see who people are following you need to get engaged in the
communities as it relates to hashtags as it relates to different sorts of content
in material as it relates to big creators now you are not like stalking
and stealing and being spammy or that sort of thing but you need to be hanging
out where other people are hanging out that could potentially like what you do
as well if I were to go to a conference let’s say it was like Rachel Hollis I
really adore her her rise conference I would meet a bunch of ladies in that
audience know when I’m in that audience I wouldn’t be like hey guys I’m Andrea G
and check me out no it doesn’t work that way you start creating a centralized
interest right we all like Rachel Hollis we have similar ideas about what we find
enjoyable or what lights fire under about so that that goes without saying
because we’re all there at that conference but you get to know the
people and with time people are just generally curious like hey what do you
do just like any party or social setting right if you have a mutual friend that’s
hosting a party you start to mingle with the gas you ask them questions you get
to know them and there you go this is how it works on social media but you
kind of know where your audience or your potential audience is hanging out Oh a
little side note to this when I first started on Instagram and YouTube I
thought hey I’m just gonna post content that I think is valuable and really cool
and that people might like and they’ll just flock to my content but it doesn’t
actually work that way until you’ve gotten quite a following and you’ve done
something that people are recognizing you for when you were starting out it
does not work that way you can’t just post and expect them to flock you can’t
just build it and expect them to want to play number seven in order to grow your
audience your business and your influence faster is you have to be
crystal clear and the value that you are giving to somebody else it’s not about
you how cool you are and I’m just laying
this out there and I don’t think people are conscious of this when they do this
like posting about their vacation or that sort of thing but it’s what are you
doing for other people why is what you’re doing valuable to somebody else’s
time what are you offering so once you found where your audience or potential
audience is hanging out in what they’re interested in where are there gaps in
the marketplace and how can you fill it when I first started out on YouTube I
thought how are all these women making in comes off of cleaning their houses
like I see these moms what are they doing why isn’t anybody talking about
this stuff how are they doing it so I dove in and I said I am gonna figure
this out and then I’m gonna teach other women in moms how to turn their passions
if that means cleaning your house taking care of your babies or whatever how do
you have and make it profitable for you those are the questions that I want to
answer when I first started out but I would not have known that unless I was
engaged in the community and reading the comments and getting vested in what it
is that they’re doing figure out where there are needs what questions did you
have going into starting your online business and then you need to take
action and fill those needs you know just because you post one thing related
to what you do or feeling that market doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna flock to
you this takes time and consistency and always showing up for your audience your
audience needs to trust the content that you do and what it is that you do and a
lot of times I think people give up too early where they think there’s value in
something because people don’t flock and it doesn’t work that way on social media
I know it can seem like that and people who have made it very big it seems like
it’s just up so you need to really identify and get crystal clear on how
what you do make somebody else’s life better you have to give people a reason
to keep coming back to you otherwise you’ll just be kind of forgettable and
you have to improve somebody’s life what are things that people are always trying
to improve on self-esteem self-awareness just increasing overall you know
resiliency in been feeling better exercise and fitness
feeling better in your skin making money these are three just ideas for you that
people are always wanting to get better on number eight we’re getting closer to
my number one tip but number 8 that is giveaway is now there’s a little caveat
to this one when you do a giveaway oftentimes you’ll get a ton of followers
and you’ll get a ton of subscribers because they are there for whatever that
free product is especially if it’s a really cool product and something that
your audience would be interested in which is the goal you want something
that they would enjoy but a lot of times they leave and this can really impact
your engagement but if you do this strategically and you time it very well
and you maybe are doing a collaboration with a bunch of other people in this
giveaway that’s kind of how you can compound your giveaway a strategy but
this happens all the time you’ve probably seen it yourself especially on
Instagram a group of critters will get together they will do a giveaway but you
have to follow this person and this person and this person in fact big
influencers do get paid pretty significantly by companies to do a
collaboration giveaway together but it benefits you as the audience there
because you do have an opportunity you can unsubscribe or unfollow it whatever
time that you want the giveaways are huge and these are very very popular now
don’t go broke doing giveaway I did one giveaway and I think we all contributed
like I don’t know $25 or $30 this was several several months ago and my
subscriber base did grow now did they stick around I mean I think so I didn’t
notice a big dip in subscribers after that but here’s the thing to remember
subscribers don’t necessarily equate to engagement
you could have a ton of subscribers but they don’t necessarily watch your videos
or maybe they even forgot about you to begin with so more on the story you need
to be strategic about your giveaway I would do it in a collaboration with a
group of people you have to have a product that your audience would
actually be interested in and then offer an incentive for people to stick around
after the giveaway yes it’s nice to have that influx of people following you and
subscribe to you it’s exciting it gets you motivated but you have to
give them a reason to keep sticking around to what it is that you do and
that’s value and what you’re doing to improve somebody else’s life all right
a my number nine best tip to grow your audience your business and your
influence faster is this this is something that I have not heard many
people talk about maybe one person I can think about that has said this but it’s
important in your space in your niche whether that’s cleaning or business or
momming or I don’t you’re debt-free community you want to see and follow the
trends that people that are bigger than you that have bigger audiences are doing
and you want to pay attention what is their strategy how are they posting
what’s the length of the video how are they marketing outside of what they’re
doing you really want to analyze this why because they have demonstrated what
works a lot of times we go into this thinking that we need to reinvent the
wheel and we spin our wheels and we do all those things and we think why are we
not getting the followers or the traction or making the profits that we
would want in our business and it’s because people communities like what
they know if things are too different especially when you are small and
starting off it weirds people out there like what is going on who does she think
she is they’re just not interested in it so you really need to pay attention to
the trendsetters in your space now this doesn’t mean that you copy them that you
replicate what it is that you’re doing you have to add your own unique flavor
to things this is important and you add your own special twist to it that’s
super important but you have to know what’s going on in your space in your
community any person that’s been successful on YouTube and I can speak
from experience in the business related entrepreneurial space does this there
are content creators and I will see a video go up and so I’ll research that
video topic and these are people with 300 thousand subscribers and I’ll see oh
I know where she got this video idea it’s something that is already highly
searched and maybe someone that’s a little bit
bigger than her I’ll use her as an example of her came out with this video
so she said to herself ah I could probably talk about this topic and how
could I add just a little bit more it’s not that she came up with this idea out
of thin air everyone is essentially kind of riding
the trends of people that are a little bit bigger than them why because the
people that are on top of the food chain are essentially dictating what people
see and what gets viewed and so it’s important to pay attention to those
things you don’t just want to do social media and build your business blindly
especially especially an online business it’s important to be aware this is one
of the biggest mistakes that I made when I start it and it just happens you know
when you’re building business you’re doing YouTube you’re doing Instagram
like I had all these great ideas and I couldn’t quite figure out why nothing
was really taking off but when I started to pay attention to what was already
working and making it my own unique flavor magic so how many of these tips
should you implement in your business when you building your audience I would
say all of them to some extent now I wouldn’t necessarily do paid advertising
when you are starting out that is nowhere in my near future the goal is to
grow it organically if you can but I also know that promotions are popular
and they do work as well but I would use all of these strategies in combination
now if you want any behind the scenes of how I’m building this million dollar
business right here make sure that you hit me up on Instagram it’s Andrea and
Jean one I post almost every single day all those goodies to also help you I
show you what works what doesn’t work I lay it all out for you and I want to
hear in the comments section below which of these strategies have you never heard
before which of these strategies are you going to implement for your own brand
and your business what’s gonna dialogue going I think this is important to
create greater awareness there’s all these secrets that are floating around
but they’re really not secrets sometimes we just need to talk about them a little
bit more and create awareness around them the audience thing is something
that I hadn’t really heard much people don’t talk about hey you got to find out
where people in your audience or your community are hanging out a lot of
people bigger influencers make it like they put up a post and also
then it just crazy took off and went viral but anyone who has started out
knows these things be sure to check out those playlists in the description box
below give this video a thumbs up you’ve enjoyed it subscribe if you are new
share this out with all your fellow entrepreneurs and I will see you my
friend in the next one

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