5 Feminist Book Recommendations and 5 Feminist Books I Want to Read

5 Feminist Book Recommendations and 5 Feminist Books I Want to Read

what up world welcome back to my channel my
name is Cerys and happy International Women’s Day so it is International Women’s Day
2020 it is one of my favorite days of the year one of my favorite days to
celebrate I am a massive feminist if you didn’t know and I want to celebrate all
things women women I hope you like my terrible makeup I am wearing my
Virginia Woolf thinking is my fighting t-shirt so you know I’ve gone all out
and I thought I would do a video giving you five feminist book recommendations
and I also wanna talk about five feminist books that I want to read in
between every book that I am talking about I also would like to shout out an
awesome female content created here on booktube as well so yeah I have 10 books
to talk about five that I’ve read five that I’ve not and ten amazing female
creators that I absolutely adore if you new to my channel please don’t forget to
hit that subscribe click that bell notification icon to be
notified every single time I upload a video and if you like this video please
don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up okay should we get into the books I’m excited I
really hope this terrible makeup does not distract you it just looks like a
blob but it’s supposed to be the Venus symbol it’s supposed to be I’m really
sorry that it’s not I tried okay guys I tried I tried
oh also quick disclaimer I had surgery last week as you do so I will not be
holding up the book the entire time in this video I am still quite tired so
mmm the fact that I’m filming is an achievement the fact that I have makeup
on and I’m dressed and wearing a bra is an achievement so yeah please just bare with I guess the first book I want to recommend you is the Nowhere Girls
by Amy Reed this book follows a group of girls who in their local high school
come together and make a group that stands out against sexist behavior in
their school especially rape culture they’re are three girls who are not really
they don’t really fit in and I kind of find each other by being social outcasts
and they find out about this girl who was raped and she was kind of driven out
of town because nobody believed her and so they make a group called the Nowhere
Girls which is an anonymous group but girls in their school can come together
to talk about things that happened to them in a safe space and it kind of
creates this social uprising I guess in that home it’s very good I got chills I
felt very uneasy reading it but like in a really
really good way because it was written so well and I just thought it was
absolutely incredible if this is something you can feel confident and
safe reading and it wouldn’t be triggering for you I would a hundred
percent recommend picking this book up I said I wasn’t gonna hold them but that
wasn’t so bad okay so the first content created that I
would like to shut out for this video is Zoe from yerabooknerdzoe she is one of
my favorite people on the internet I love her we are super close obviously
I’ve talked about her quite a bit in my videos but you know I do love her content
and I would be lying if I didn’t include her in this video she is so funny and
witty and snarky if you haven’t checked out her videos please do you won’t
regret it she has so much sass and energy in her videos she has no time for
anything she’s always so done but she’s hilarious but she swears a lot
like a freaking sailor so beware for that but uh yeah you would be doing yourself a disservice and
we didn’t check out her videos she reads a lot of fantasy and a lot of romance as
well so if that’s your kind of thing then I’m sure you would love her videos
the first book on my TBR that I would love to check out is called Invisible
Women and I can’t know who it’s by but there will be a picture somewhere the book
is a nonfiction book and it’s about women in the data industry or data about
women’s women in the workplace or something you know what I don’t know
that much about it but it sounded really interesting when I
heard someone talk about it for the first time and I was like oh yeah that’s
my kind of thing so I’m doing a great job telling you about this book but if
you want to find out more about any of these books they will all be linked in
the description as well so yeah that’s all I have to say about that book but it
sounds interesting it’s a nonfiction book that I actually think that I would
love the next creator I would like the next content creator I would like to shout out is Emma from emmanovella and
she’s also a very very good friend of mine she is also very very funny she
doesn’t swear quite so much as Zoe but she does swear a lot too
so again if that’s your thing go check her out if it’s not check her out anyway
why not what have you got to lose is he alove? you know you can see a
dog sleeping but he’s just sleeping really really still you have to do that double
take for a second he’s good okay anyway yeah Emma is a great friend of mine she
really loves what does she really love she really loves Akemi Dawn Bowman
she really loves the Jonas Brothers and if you like someone who has far too many
books that are good you will love Emma go bond over that the next book I have to
recommend is The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis this book follows the
story of girl whose sister gets married and it’s all about this like kind of
anger that she has to hold in because society tells women and girls that
you’re not allowed to be angry and she kind of loses control but again this is
kind of about rape culture and sexism especially in high schools of the way
boys kind of expect things from girls it was a very interesting quite dark but
really good the writing was really good I really liked all of the characters
there were three points of view this story takes place from and two of them
are girls and one of them is a man boy child thing I don’t know a male and it
was really interesting to see like his view of things from his perspective
because he obviously doesn’t think that he’s done anything wrong and he doesn’t
really do things wrong he is a good guy but he comes to terms with like how hard
it is for girls and that’s a really interesting stance to take in a book as
well that’s that I’m trying not to talk about these books for too long because
otherwise this video is going to be very long the next content creator
I would like to shout out is Ashleigh from Frolic Through Fiction oh god is that
her channel name and I think it is she is so cute she’s like the sweetest
little fairy child you’ll ever meet she’s just the nicest human and that she
really loves anything like Fae and she really loves mythology especially Greek
mythology so if you really like that sort of thing definitely check her
channel out you will get loads of great recommendations she also hosts the
read-a-thon I want to say readathon mythtake and so buddy it’s all about myths
and retelling some things like that so if that’s your kind of thing I think you
would absolutely love her channel she’s also northern and she sings or any well
what’s not to love so that brings me to the next book on my TBR that I would
like to read and that book is The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace this is a poetry collection this has been really really popular on the
internet for a few years especially on like Instagram because it’s the same
kind of poetry as Milk and Honey I have had this poetry collection for a long
time but I still haven’t read it there are three books in this collection now
there’s the Princess Saves Herself in This One The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One
and the Mermaid Find Her Voice in This One I think I’m right but yeah they’re all
like feminist ii poems I don’t know much more because I haven’t read it but I
think I would like it because the poetry style is quite simple and quite
accessible to someone who doesn’t read poetry aka me so yeah let’s have
a look I’m just going to read one trigger warning there’s all this trigger
warnings in this as well so there’s loads of trigger warnings here they are
if you want check them out look at those there’s a lot and then it has the
princess the damsel the queen and you so the first poem which is like an
introduction just says warning one this is not a fairy tale
there is no princess there is no damsel there is no Queen there is no tower
there are no dragons there is simply a gill faced with the difficult task of
learning to believe in herself okay I might end up reading this today because
I can already feel myself loving this I like I like the mood that this book
has to offer I’m excited the next content creator I’d like to shout out is
Britt from Basically Britt she she is just the most wonderful human ever
I always just had a huge smile my face whenever I watch any of her videos I mean
that goes for every single creator on this list but she just makes me feel so
warm and fuzzy inside she is a wonderful artist and she has her own Etsy shop so
if you like joker if you like floral things if you like doing things for your
bullet journal but you’re not the best artist and you’re always looking for
ways to enhance your bullet journal she sells
stickers and prints for her shop she sells wonderful bookmarks but she also
has like just the nicest vibe to her videos I hate saying vibe ah
that it’s true so there’s no way else I can say it well I do being accurate I
love Britt I think she’s wonderful and please check her out
and I I’m starting to get in a weird mood and I’m not even halfway through
this video help me oh it’s because I’ve been stuck inside for a week like I haven’t
been doing much because I’ve been recovering and now I’m going crazy I
feel like I’m that woman from the yellow wallpaper oh god okay the next book I would like to
recommend to you is a heavy one this is the Priory of the Orange Tree by
Samantha Shannon now this is definitely going down because ah so
heavy I’m too weak and feeble right now for that book this book follows the
story of a girl named Ead she is a magical assasin and then there’s
another girl who’s a dragon rider there’s a queen and there’s an LGBT
female female love story and it’s awesome
oh please read it’s an epic fantasy but it’s very very feminist it is awesome
there’s so much detail and world building and depth to this world all of
the characters that absolutely sublime I love them all they are all just
incredible and it just uh uh uh it’s been a year since I’ve read this book
now I’m still blown away by how much I love it I kind of want to reread it
but I also don’t want to go through those 900 pages again because a lot of
pages next year yeah two years is enough time to leave
between the first read in the second read oh wow please read it it’s so good
it’s like a retelling of George and the Dragon but like a woman saves the day
yeah and there are dragona yeah great okay the next creator I would like to show it
off to is Rachael from Rachael Marie’s Book Journey she is wonderful she’s so
cute and lovely and sweet but she has so much passion ah that’s what I love about
Rachael the most attention she has this really cool TBR game called Rachael’s
Realm which you might have heard of it’s amazing it’s kind of like Dungeons and
Dragons but different she’s kind of making her own Kingdom while also
building a TBR it’s so cool I’m jealous that I didn’t think of it
first and she runs this read-a-thon called the Bookie Trials or the Book
Junkie trials or something my memory’s gone today they are always a lot of fun
there’s another one coming up soon so check out her video if you want to take
part love Rachel she’s so creative and she
has so much passion please check her out the next book on my TBR that I
would like to read is Moxie this is by Amy Poehler no it’s not there’s a quote
by Amy Poehler on the front it’s by Jennifer Mathieu I don’t know how to say her name and I’m not 100% sure what this is about but I’ve had it on my shelf for the longest time it says here on the back Vivien Carter is fed up fed up with sexist dress codes fed up with gross
comments from guys during class fed up with her high school teachers who let it
happen but most of all Viv is fed up with always following the rules yes I
love the idea of this book just from the back and I’ve heard great thing I’ve heard it
recommend it alongside the Nowhere Girls quite often so I feel like if you
have read the Nowhere Girls you’ll like this and I have read the Nowhere Girls so but also vice versa if you haven’t read the Nowhere Girls and
you’ve read this please check out that one if you read both of them let me know
in the comments if you think that comparison is I don’t know but yeah I
want to read it the next creator I would like to shout out is Lily from Lily
Eleanor Reads she’s a good friend of mine I had mentioned a lot in my videos but
she’s always give you really great recommendations she is a huge fan of the
Hunger Games and she is hosting a Hunger Games read along to catch up
well not catch up but to like reread the books in time for the new book so if you
like the Hunger Games or if you fancy it rereading the books
check her out she will have lots of information on her channel of how you
can take part and take part in the conversation in time for the new book
this song of ballads of snakes and song birds something like I don’t know yeah
she also really likes The Diviners she made me read The Diviners I could not be
more grateful I think has great taste in books so yeah subscribe if you watched
my channel which if you’re here you probably do and if you are interested in
the kinds of books that I have been reading you will like Lily because the
recommendations that she’s given me have always been successful so I feel like we
do have similar reading tastes and I’m always trying to get more
recommendations from her as well so okay the next recommendation is the book
that I don’t actually physically own because I had an arc of it and it was an
e-arc and that book is Watch Us Rise by oh my god who is it by but I’m moving
this is by either my post-surgery brain isn’t working I’m sorry this book
follows two girls I know one of those called Jasmine I don’t remember the name
of the other girl who in a kind of like arts high school in New York and their
school encourages them to take part in a watch-a-m-call it like an after-school
activities club and Jasmine I think is the girl who’s black and she’s plus size
and she’s in a when I feel like after-school activity classes and she
kind of has an altercation with one of her teachers who somewhat racially
profiles here and like kind of typecasting in the black roll and then
tells her to like calm down and that she’s being aggressive when she looks slightly
argues back but she’s not even like raising her voice or anything but so
these two girls take it upon themselves to create a new feminist group in the
school after-school club thingy I don’t know what it was and they like make art and poetry that
is activism as well it’s great it’s really interesting I think the only
thing that I wish should have done more is had more LGBT characters and
representation in the book the LGBT representation in the book I can’t speak
seems kind of like offhand almost like an after thought which is a shame
yeah it’s a great book anyway and but it’s supposed to be about being really
really inclusive but they tend to forget about the LGBT aspect of feminism which
I’m trying to recommend you the book here okay so uh I just because the book is
so good like the book is really really really good I promise
and I really wants to give it five stars but because I felt like it was just
lacking in that area I couldn’t yeah let me know what you think of the book have
you’ve read it the next person I would like to recommend you this short out all that
sort of stuff is Meg from megwithbooks she is a newish booktuber but she
already has two thousand subscribers she’s amazing she has one of the
funniest book tubers I’ve ever watched and her meme again is on point
uh if you like memes watch her videos you will absolutely love her she’s
hilarious the way she weaves her memes through her
videos is second to none no one is doing it like her honestly she’s going
places she really really is and you are missing out if you are not on the mag
with books hypetrain like get on there now so you could say I was there from
the very beginning I was there when she only had two thousand subscribers because she
is she’s gonna go far I can tell the next book on my TBR that I would like to
read is Juliette Takes a Breath by Gaby Rivera now this book is about a girl
who moves to New York she’s Puerto Rican and she is a lesbian and she moves to
Oregon and she’s just come out to her family and she’s not sure if your family
will ever talk to her again and and she’s moving to a new place to see how
life is somewhere different and it’s about living here true like living life
as her true self I don’t know too much about it because I haven’t read it but
it sounds really great I’ve heard really really great things I’ve had this book
for a really long time like a lot of these and so hopefully I will get to all
of these soon let me know what you think of this book if you read it thank you the next
content creator I’d like to check that is Ilja from bookish my bookish babble
but she also has a new sex education youtube channel i think it’s called
sexology with Ilja she I love her she’s so sweet and she always
I just I just love it I don’t know what to say she just makes me go uwu like that do you know what I mean I’m such an embarassment to myself she’s just so cute so yes so she has a booktube channel called my bookish babble I don’t know how much she’s
posting on there right now but she does have a new sex education
channel and it is incredible if that is something you are interested in please
check out her channel I will link both of her channels below as well the next
book I would like to recommend to you is another book that I don’t actually have
on me I do have it it’s on my bookshelf somewhere but I have no idea where I put
it and because I double stack them you see it like some of them are double stacks
that are there all the way back some of them are double I don’t have a lot of
bookshelf space so I have to do that I don’t know where it is and because I’m
kind of in pain I don’t want to go like climbing or my bookshelves trying to
find one book which i think is fair the next book I want to recommend to you is
The Poet X by shit who is it by this is about a girl who she’s black
and she likes to write poetry and then she like performs it as raps I think and
then someone finds her poetry it’s really good and it’s
empowering the way it’s written it like it’s a novel written in form like
verse rather than in prose so if that’s something you’re interested in if you’re
trying to expand your reading and read more poetry but you find actual poetry
quite difficult this would be a really really great place to start because it’s
really easy to read but it has a narrative and a story to it so it’s not
too complex in the poetry itself so yeah I would highly highly recommend this
book the next creator I would like to shout
out is Hannah from Snow White Reader she’s also all of these people are so
freaking funny Hannah oh she is one of the funniest I
gotta say she is just a comedy genius she has done some fantastic things on
her channel she is just brilliant and if you haven’t checked her out if you’re not
subscribe to here what are you doing honestly right now she is reading
Twilight for the first time in her commentary is the funniest thing ever
she recently posted a video that was is Twilight a satire and she makes some
really valid points definitely check her out she’s great she’s absolutely brilliant and she always released the best
comments what videos they make me smile so much the final book on my TBR is The
Miseducation of CameronPost this is by Emily A Danforth this is a story about a
girl who gets sent to a conversion therapy camp I don’t know too much about
the actual plot look at look at that as well yeah I don’t know too much for the
plot I don’t want to know too much about the plot I feel like what I know is
enough to know that I want to read the story the film came out recently a few
years ago so this with what’s-her-name Chloe Chloe Grace Moretz was in the film
vision I paid incredible things this is one of my best friend’s sister’s
favorite books very specific but yeah I hope you need to read it since I was
about 15 um I still haven’t I think I’m just afraid of how dark it might be
because it’s about conversion therapy which is like oh don’t want to read
about love but like I do want to read about this book so I’m stressed but I’m
sure it’s great and I think it deserves my time so I would really love to get to
it and finally the last creator I would like to check out is Jess by Read by Jess
she is brilliant she managed to get her TBR down to zero
who does that and it’s really interesting watching her videos right
now without a TBR properly she also uses her library a lot and she’s the creator
of library lives which is like an event I guess I’m just celebrating using your
library so if you’d like to using your library a lot I would definitely
recommend checking her out and I’ll leave the links to her library lovers videos
in the description as well that is it that is the end of this video thank you
guys so much for watching I hope this stupid thing on my eye didn’t distract you
too much because uh I was a fool why did I do it those are five recommendations for you five
books that I want to read and ten incredible content creators all
celebrating women in the comments please shout out one of your favorite female
content creators whether it’s YouTube or a blog or another area youtube that’s not
booktube just shout someone out spread some love you were on Twitter that’s
what this day is all about just spread some joy and support the females in your
life yes we love women women thank you guys so much for watching
if you enjoyed this video and you want to keep up to date because my current reads
please follow me on Instagram Twitter goodreads Facebook and on the blog and apart from that thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys soon for another
video bye

11 thoughts on “5 Feminist Book Recommendations and 5 Feminist Books I Want to Read

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